What Is a Stretch Limo Rental Service?

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Stretch Limo?  

A stretch limo is a luxury car that is hired from a reputable limo rental service, and is chauffeur driven, and can easily fit multiple passengers. Its wheelbase is lengthened so it is longer than a standard luxury car. Traditional stretch limos were originally designed after smaller luxury vehicles and were usually only available in black or white, however, today’s modern models can now accommodate the likes of trucks, SUVs, trucks, and even buses. Their amenities and extra features do vary greatly depending on their manufacturer.

Their lengths can also vary significantly depending again on the manufacturer’s specifications. The amount of inside space will also vary depending upon the limo’s length, and the seating arrangements will change too, depending on the limos size. Some stretch limos come with forward-facing seats to the back of the cabin, backward facing seats will be placed at the front, and sideways facing seats will line each side of the interior. This will ensure maximum seating capacity. Some limos come with wet bars, enhanced lights, radios etc, to make sure the passengers receive a luxury experience.

Novelty stretch limos are sometimes based on other car models, like SUVs which have been stretched, and trucks or off-road cars. Taxis are now available in stretch limos, these models are hired for their eye-catching appeal, in addition to comfort and luxury.

It is now possible for stretch limos to be extremely customized, some, for instance, come with hot tubs at the back of the vehicle. Other limos are customized for more utilitarian reasons, like armored limousines which are regularly used to escort the President from place to place, and other similar dignitaries will also travel like this too. Communication devices like phones or radios are found in these vehicles also.

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